Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dropped Tickets?
When you encounter "No Available Tickets Online" error on any ticketing site, actually you still have a chance to buy tickets for that event. How? People who bought tickets for that event may return their tickets, or if the tickets held by the event organizer don't completely sell out these tickets become buyable. Therefore, there may be available tickets for that event after some time. These tickets are called "dropped tickets".

Since the drop times are unknown, our service will help you for detecting these ticket drops. You receive alerts by means of e-mail and text messages when the drops occur. After you receive a drop alert, you can try buying tickets for that event.

How will you alert me when a ticket drops?
When a ticket drops, you will receive an email and a text message. Also, "Live Drops" page beeps when you get a drop.
You can also set up Telegram for being notified for drops, and it is the fastest method (almost instantly). You can check this page for instructions on setting up Telegram.

What is Telegram? How can I set up Telegram for drop notifications?
Telegram is a free, cross-platform, reliable and secure messaging application like WhatsApp, with one difference. Developers can program bots for Telegram, and we have our own bot. Thanks to this bot, which only takes only a few minutes for a user to add, we can deliver drop notifications without any delay caused by email clients or mobile carriers.

In order to set up Telegram, you must install Telegram to your mobile device and sign up. After you installed Telegram and registered, click on the Search field on the top of the application and search for "@DroppedTickets_Bot" and add it. After that, click Start and type /my_id and you should get a response from the bot like "Your id is: 123456". Copy your id and go to your Profile page on our site, and enter the id in Telegram ID field. That's all.

Telegram has desktop and web clients as well. You can find everything about this application here:

Can I see how many people are watching a particular event?
Yes. You can click on the question mark to the right of the event row.

How many hours a day do you check for drops?
Our system works 24 hours a day.

Is there a delay of confirmation for the events that we add?
No, you can add every event with every criteria as you like. The events will be on your check list immediately.

How can I prevent getting notifications from a specific section/row/seat for an event?
Go to My Drops page where you can see all drops you received within three days. Find the drop with the section that you want to block, and click Block. You can also block a section by clicking "Block tickets from this section" in the email notifications.
To unblock a section for an event, go to "My Events" and click on "List My Blocked Tickets" link from the top of the page. You can see and unblock all of your blocked sections in this page.

Why am I getting Forbidden (#403) error?
Forbidden (#403) error shows up when your account is not active. You need to complete payment in order to access My Events and Live Drops pages.

My question is not listed here. What can I do?
You can always contact us through the Contact page.